Modern Fireplace Screen Doors

Having a beautiful home needs careful decisions on décor to make it comfortable and welcoming for your guests. Take the heart of the home; your hearth. If you have standard firescreen doors that were installed just to satisfy the building inspector it probably means that it's functional at best.

If you have an off-the-shelf firescreen from Home depot or Lowes then you're also in deep-decor-distress! Most houses that have such screen doors remain in limbo until a discerning homeowner installs a set of quality artistically designed firescreen doors that visitors will comment on, enjoy sitting in front of and you will feel proud to own.

Imagine the memories that will be created by sharing evenings beside the fireplace with your loved ones. Your children will remember how the glow of the fire created a feeling of warmth and security for them. Friends will remark on how relaxed the evening was because of the crackling sounds of the fire and the beautiful firescreen which seemed so fitting for your beautiful fireplace, and reflected the type of person you are.

If you are interested in modern firescreen designs it's tempting to think that a simple and cheap model will suffice, but be aware that your hospitality will flourish or fail with the choice you make; sophisticated people notice details, even if they are your friends! If you are embarrassed with your fireplace this means you will do less entertaining.

  • Modern firescreen designs are sleek and stylish
  • They can fit into most design schemes especially minimalist
  • They don't compete with other, busier furnishings in a room
  • They give a lighter ambiance to a room

Here at ironforge we pride ourselves in designing firescreens and firescreen doors for modern fireplaces that are functional works of art that make you proud to entertain guests in your home. Our mission is to increase the level of your hospitality! We have been hand forging artwork in the traditional manner with furnace and anvil for over 20 years and know how to make a firescreen that will enhance your home and make a statement about who you are. We guarantee the quality of our firescreens, made as they are by our skilled artisans. Check our testimonial page for customer comments!

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Pricing is based only on the width of your firescreen. You choose the height, it's included in the price!